Rescued Dogs
After a couple of years working with dogs, Michelle felt compelled to help out in dog rescue. In the past she often saw listings of dogs who needed homes but she was never in a position to help out beyond volunteering at adoption fairs. 

This did change over the years and after reading about an Australian Shepherd mix named Casey in need, she offered to take her in as a foster. She did not know what to expect and had never had more than one dog of her own. That alone could be a lot of work. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences for her.

Casey had been through quite a neglectful ordeal. She was abandoned by a previous owner with people who did not take care of her. They put a metal chain around her neck and basically restricted her to outdoors for a year. The chain became embedded in her neck and finally someone stepped in and took her to a shelter. 

She might have been euthanized and forgotten had it not been for the shelter workers who saw the potential in her. With their love she was able to recover and was never anything but grateful and sweet to the humans who showed her kindness. Because of this, she scored good on her evaluation and was able to be put on a list of dogs held for rescues. Rocket Dog Rescue took her in and she eventually made her way to me.

It was a bittersweet day when Casey finally was adopted by the best dog parents one can ask for. A couple who lived in a big house who loved nothing more than to spoil their dogs. Michelle knew she had to let her go. It was sad to say bye to such a great girl. But she also realized it left room for her to foster other dogs.

Her current dog family consists of Abby and Tobias. Two fosters that ended up making their way on the for keeps list of Michelle’s heart.

Here is a small gallery of dogs Michelle has fostered and adopted herself.

“Failed” Fosters
(Dogs that Michelle started out fostering but ended up adopting herself)

Tobias: Adopted April 2014

Abby: Adopted May 2013

Pork: Adopted November 2011 (passed away March 2013)

Oso: Adopted June 2009 (passed away 3/15/10)

Placed Fosters

Bessie: Adopted October 2010

Teddy Bear: Adopted December 2009

Ziggy: Adopted September 2009

Casey: Adopted April 2009