About Michelle

Michelle Guzman was born and raised in San Francisco and she has been pet sitting since she was 16-years-old. She worked in theater and TV production for 5 years but has been happily taking care of people’s dogs (and a cat once in a while too) for the last 8.

She was inspired to start Barks In Parks in 2007 after her hours at work were cut and she found herself frequenting dog parks more then usual with her own dog Lady. She created flyers and put them up on the boards at dog parks and pet stores. Small step by small step, dog walking was becoming her full time job and a small business was growing before her eyes. She offically quit her job 6 months later and hasn’t looked back since! Thanks to her wonderful clients her business continues to grow and she has been lucky enough to have a very fulfilling career loving animals that make her smile and laugh everyday.